“I am unaware of a book that so intimately captures the strange and strangely beguiling place in which [diamonds] are bought and sold.”
The Washington Post

“Her passion for her subject takes her to posh Manhattan auction houses and glitzy Las Vegas showrooms; she explores the industry’s future and its past; she mines the roots of the diamond trade among Jews in medieval Europe and elucidates the problem of finding matching stones for earrings…Ms. Oltuski has an ear for [dealers’] Shalom Aleichem patois.”
The Wall Street Journal

“A piercing, intensely readable book. Ms. Oltuski guides us through New York’s diamond business, one of the world’s most fascinating and hard-to-penetrate communities, with great aplomb.”
– Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story

“Alicia Oltuski is an intrepid journalist able to write with precision and insight about the big issues in the diamond trade and the intimate details of life on Forty-Seventh Street.”
– Tony Hall, U.S. Representative

“Beautiful and thrilling, Precious Objects, sparkles with life. Alicia Oltuski tells both the story of her family, as glittering as the gems they sell, and the story of the diamonds that have taken them all over the world and across the generations. A fascinating and gripping read.”
– Jennifer Gilmore, author of Something Red

“Epic in scope and wonderfully personal, Precious Objects is an impassioned, insider’s take on a complex industry. What’s most dazzling are Ms. Oltuski’s characters, who are vivid, outrageous, and never without some glimmers of wisdom.”
– Beth Raymer, author of Lay the Favorite

“At once global and local, impersonal and intimate, the ins and outs of the diamond industry are grist for the writerly imagination. Oltuski is up to the challenge. The daughter and granddaughter of men in the business, she brings an insider’s perspective to the proceedings as well as a keen eye for the telling incident and quirky personal trait.”
The New Republic

“A polished young guide takes us on an insider’s tour of the recondite world of diamonds and garnishes it with an introduction to her family.”
Kirkus Reviews

“She writes most fascinatingly about the strange characters that clutter the streets.”
– New York Post

“Oltuski awakens her readers to the incredible fact that, in the very shadow of Radio City, a community exists whose business practices would not have seemed all that foreign to merchants in the Middle Ages… After reading Oltuski’s book, you won’t be able to look with indifference at diamonds, or the grubby New York street famous for selling them.”
Maureen Corrigan, The Penn Gazette

Precious Objects is a Fall 2011 Barnes and Noble Discover Great New Writers selection and on the Barnes & Noble Long List

“Like a diamond’s prism, ‘Precious Objects’ (Scribner) radiates adventure, mystery, comedy, science, and much more… This book on diamonds is a prize.
– The Examiner

Precious Objects in the New York Daily News Summer Reading list:

“Alicia Oltuski’s first-hand account of New York City’s diamond district is engrossing… her book blends ancient, near-ritualistic practices with the twenty-first-century practicalities of commerce.”
– Barnes & Noble

December, 2011: Precious Objects makes the local Gazette’s Christmas reading list

“[Oltuski] turns her attention to every nook and cranny of this natural resource in Precious Objects, an enjoyable mélange of reporting, memories and profiles of the people who give the diamond
industry—and a stretch of city street—its sparkle.”
– BookPage

“Oltuski, a 27 year-old journalist, is a gifted story teller, whose book resonates all the more because it is told from first­hand experience.”
Albuquerque Judaism Examiner

Interview on Tablet:

Article in the Arizona Jewish Post:

“With revealing observations on the centuries-old link between Jews and the diamond industry, and sparkling accounts of her familial ties to the business…. Oltuski, daughter of a diamond dealer, brings clarity in this study of the industry.”
Publishers Weekly

Read a Barnes and Noble interview with Alicia here